Gary and Courtney

October 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

A couple of years ago, my friend Gary says to me “so, can I bring a date to your birthday dinner??”

Of course I was a little nervous, since you know.. I didn’t know Gary was dating someone and A. I didn’t want him to bring a first date to my dinner and B. I was afraid we wouldn’t like her and then we wouldn’t get to see Gary anymore; you know, because we didn’t like her. haha.

So I asked him “Is it a first date?” he replied that it was in fact a third date. I replied cautiously that it was ok to bring her.

But guess what. SHE IS AMAZING. I loved Courtney from the very first time I met her.

To which I say, WELL DONE GARY!

Then, when he proposed to her, she said to me, “we want you to COME to the wedding, but we also want you to SHOOT the wedding.. we don’t know what to do!” To which I replied….”Why can’t I do both?!”

Which is the long way of saying, I’m SO glad that Gary and Courtney got married. They are a FABULOUS match, and I hope they have at least 100 years of happiness together. And 14 children. 100 years and 14 children. That’s right.

Congratulations Gary and Courtney!


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