So I was interviewed for a internet radio station.. and you can listen to it!

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So I did a senior session with this cutie back in September

Amy Claeys Photography Daniel Class of 2016

Well, this wonderful woman, Kim B. Smith saw the photos because she is friends with Daniel's mom, and called me to set up her own shoot, only these would be business headshots, but you know, out and about. 

I offered her hair and makeup at her home as part of the package, and of course she said a resounding YES. So I called Evie Selaty who was available that day, and Evie went out to Kim's house and did her hair and makeup in the comfort of her own home. I showed up near the end of Hair and Makeup to get a couple of shots of getting ready pics. Kim was adamant that she would NOT be enjoying the day. She was insistent that we were NOT going to be friends, that she was going to be incredibly difficult to get any good photos of. 

Yeah right .

Kim-14 - Sm. File for sharing onlineKim-14 - Sm. File for sharing online

Kim finished our shoot and was laughing, and felt GREAT, and kept saying how much FUN she had. Which, really, is the goal, right? She even drug me over to a Birmingham restaurant where her niece worked so that I could meet her. Kim LOVED the day, and she loved her pictures. 

Kim created her own radio station Bold Radio Station, she speaks publicly and consults. She teaches women how to sell like a woman and achieve the success they are after, by being BOLD.

Kim was SO excited about her whole session, from the makeup to the photo delivery that she asked Evie and I to be guests on her radio show. We talked all about how we started out, where we are going, and what we are doing now. It was a great experience, and I would like to invite you all to listen to the show. It's pretty great, if I do say so myself. 


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