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June 28, 2015  •  5 Comments

LGBT Sparkler WeddingLGBT Sparkler Wedding I won't lie, I've been positively dancing since Friday's SCOTUS judgement! And I would like to take a moment right now, and say to everyone in the LGBT community



As Friday went on, I thought about what I could do, what I could say, and decided to put an ad in Between the Lines to say just what I said above to the whole LGBT community in Detroit. So I wrote a note to all my friends looking for an LGBT couple to model for me. Right away Becky and Kim jumped on board, and not too long after that Blumz by JDR Designs offered to make the bouquet & boutonniere, and oh boy did they turn out beautifully! Thank you So Much Blumz! 


LGBT Sparkler Wedding Blumz-1LGBT Sparkler Wedding Blumz-1 LGBT Sparkler Wedding BlumzLGBT Sparkler Wedding Blumz LGBT Sparkler Wedding Blumz-2LGBT Sparkler Wedding Blumz-2 LGBT Sparkler Wedding Blumz-3LGBT Sparkler Wedding Blumz-3

Then Changez Salon and Spa offered to do the hair and makeup for my brides for the photo shoot. They looked fabulous! Thank you Ashley at Changez for coming in on Sunday to make this happen for us, the ladies looked fantastic! 

We got out the sparklers, set up the lights and camera in the backyard. Becky fit into the dress I had purchased (for another photoshoot later), Kim looked perfect, all the hairs were did, and all the makeup was perfect, the sun set and we were ready to go. 

I just have to say, I couldn't have done this project without everyone's help. Not without Blumz and Changez, without Becky and Kim, and not without my my fabulous friends MaryMary and Darlene, not to mention my beautiful daughter Charlotte. This project is 100% a group effort. So, THANK YOU to each and every one that was involved in making this project so incredibly successful. 

LGBT Sparkler Wedding-2LGBT Sparkler Wedding-2




LOVE love LOVE love these pics!! Wow wow they look amazing! Fantastic job as always!
4.Tina Malcolm(non-registered)
That's my besties....u guys look beautiful... Soi honored to call u my friends.. Luv u both n soo happy for u ❤❤❤
Amy, the photos are amazing! Thanks so much for letting Blumz be a part of it! I enjoyes every second of creating the very special flowers :)
2.Teresa Humphrey(non-registered)
Hooray! The ruling, your wonderful friends,the photos,all of it!
Stunning! Your work is amazing,
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