Brian and Mary

July 17, 2015  •  32 Comments

Amy Claeys Photography Mary and Brian's Wedding at Freedom Hill, Michigan

Once upon a time there was a lady who ran a photo group, her name was Amy. She would often invite photographers from all the land to come out and take photos while walking, she called this a Photowalk. At one such photowalk, a newer photographer that she had recently become close with, a nice photographer named Mary, joined the group. A nice man that had recently had a big change in his own life, named Brian also joined this photowalk. 

After the photowalk, Amy invited everyone to break bread and drink ale at a club near their walk. Only Mary and Brian opted to join Amy for a drink and a meal. Amy and Brian arrived fairly quickly, but Mary became lost in the forest (we'll call the forest Greektown from now on), and Brian, ever gallant, left to find Mary in the deep wood (aka, the streets of Greektown). Amy waited for about 5 minutes alone, drinking her ale patiently while she waited before Mary arrived. Amy and Mary tried to reach Brian to let him know of Mary's safe arrival, to no avail. 

Eventually, Brian came back. He was instantly heartened to see that Mary had arrived safely. 

All three chatted the evening away, but Amy saw the stolen looks between the two new friends almost immediatly! Amy may be making this part up, but it really does add a lot to the story, yes? 

Several weeks later, Brian hosted a photo walk to Autorama at Cobo in Detroit, "what better way to get to see Mary again!" he thought. Not surprisingly, Mary signed up for Brian's photowalk almost immediatly. Luckily, no one else signed up, so Mary and Brian were able to spend a long day fluttering eyelashes and sneaking looks at each other where no one (they knew) could see. It is said that there was spontaneous singing and dancing as well, though that last part is unconfirmed. 

Love was in the air. 

Before long, Mary and Brian were spending almost all of their time together, and eventually, Brian asked Mary to be his beautiful wife, and as I'm sure you are not surprised, she said yes. 

Their wedding was a beautiful affair, filled with love, surrounded by friends and family, who all ate their fill, toasted the bride and groom again and again, and danced, it is said, so much that the soles of many shoes were worn by the evening's end. 

And they lived HAPPILY ever after. 

Congratulations Mary and Brian. I am SO honored to have been able to watch your love spark, and turn eventually to flame. 


32.Ashley Tweedale(non-registered)
What a gorgeous day for a wonderful wedding. I am glad the two of you found each other and have found true love. Your story is truly beautiful. The best is yet to come. Shine on, lovers. <3
Beautiful, congratulations again!
30.Mary DeMott(non-registered)
Very beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Stempien
29.Dianne Gladstone(non-registered)
Great pictures! Mary your wedding was beautiful. Congratulations to both you and Brian.
Dianne & Scott Gladstone
28.Karen Parke(non-registered)
I am so very happy for both of you. The wedding was beautiful. Thanks so much for including me.
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