Jason and Stephen's Wedding (& Anne and Mike's 45th Wedding Anniversary)

February 07, 2016  •  13 Comments

The first time I went to Jason and Stephen's wedding, I was a new mom and had only just gotten my first digital camera. It was a long, long time ago. Since then many, many things have changed. 

I will share a story with you. The day SCOTUS came down with their ruling on gay marriage, Stephen went straight to the florist and got a dozen roses. He drove immediately to Changez Salon, where Jason was working, and proposed... again. Honest to God, as I type this my eyes are welling up. 

Now, J and Steph could have run straight to the courthouse to make things LEGAL, but they didn't. Instead they had a chat with Jason's parents, Anne and Mike, and opted to share their day. Jason and Stephen said their LEGAL wedding vows, and Anne and Mike renewed their wedding vows on Anne and Mike's 45th wedding anniversary. The exact day in fact. 

To top off this amazing evening, the Eisenhower Dance company performed to help celebrate this union. 

Love Wins. 


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13.Susan Herrick(non-registered)
This collection of images is so generous and beautiful! Thank you for capturing so many moments.
12.Teresa Humphrey(non-registered)
What a wonderful idea and what a wonderful family. This is love.
11.Kitt Alexander(non-registered)
The joy and love and respect on your faces and in your body language is palpable.
How beautiful a celebration
Big hugs... Best Wishes...Congratulations

Love is divine~
10.Auntie Anne & Uncle Mike(non-registered)
Amy you are amazing. The pictures are just beautiful. Thank you. Love you.
9.Sandra Rau(non-registered)
beautiful pics for two amazing couples!
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