A Hole In One

June 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"I'm going to break your camera." 

"I already don't like you." 

"I hate this already" 

"Do I really have to do this?" 

"I have two bad sides.." 

These are all things I've heard before I do someone's headshots. I'll take the photos, oh I don't know, 10 or 20 or 30 photos, all while talking to whoever is in front of me. Why am I talking to them? To relax them. To get their normal, relaxed, happy face on the camera. Sometimes after taking these first photos, I show them on the computer, and we start all over. 

A headshot is supposed to tell the world who you are. And you are NOT that person with a frozen, toothy, fake smile on your face. I promise. 

So, we chat. Married? Got kids? How about grand kids? What do you do for for fun? Sometimes we talk about shoes or purses.. everyone is different. Everyone has a trigger that will make them not only smile, but make their eyes shine and their face flush a tiny bit. 

That's my job. To find you. To photograph you. 

Today I got lucky. Today I took a photo of an adorable girl here in my new office, at my new day job. I work now for The Miller Team Realtors, in Northville. Anyway, Rachel was actually excited to do this. So I set up my Set, and we have a Great big, well windowed room here at the office, and I decided that the light was juuuuust right to try to do a north facing, natural light headshot. 

I set it all up on my camera. 

I went and got Rachel and told her I was ready. 

We went to the Set, I told her where to stand, and in a flash of FUN and Sass, she "struck a pose" for me. I don't know how else to describe it. 

I took the photo. Of course. 

I looked at the camera, and thought "damn.. that's really great..." 

I show her, and she says "perfect". 

So, instead of 20 photos, talking about fun or inappropriate things with my subject.. I took ONE photo. And it was a winner. A hole in one. 

Right on. 


Rachel-1 6-24-16 - SMALLRachel-1 6-24-16 - SMALL


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