I love photographing weddings. I love coming into the room the first time and seeing all the girls getting ready. I love watching the bridesmaids help the bride to get dressed! I love the banter among the groomsmen while they are getting ready. I love that last moment with a bride and her father just before she walks down the aisle. The way the groom watches her in her dress for the first time as she walks toward him. I love the chaos of the family formals, and I love love love when it's just the bride and groom and me, and we get a few minutes to get creative, to put on the camera the love these two feel for each other. I love the sass the bridal party shows when during their grand entrance, and the joy and quiet during the bride and groom's first dance. I love seeing all the details of the wedding. From the signs to the placecards to the jewelry and the rings. I love the little moments the bride and groom forget everyone else is there and have a small private moment in a room full of friends and family. 

And most of all, I love photographing all of this, so that for all the years to come, they may see these things again and again and remember that day like it was yesterday.